Thursday, January 14, 2016

She Fight
Robin Mixon

It was time.
She’d fought against it for so long.
Her hands are powerful.
She looks into this cold world with problems on her hand.
She feels the chill through her hair.
She walks the streets of wonderland.
She say to herself, “I can do this, man.”
So much joy in her voice.
The trees of leaves starts to color as she walks down wonderland.
The smell of sweetness is in the air.
Joy of tears dropping out of the sky.
I see a smiling sun looking at me.
I notice how life can be.
Looking down on Earth as I can see how silly faces are walking down the street.
I realize God has changed me.
My smile is wide as it can be as I win the race with my blue eyes and red dress!
It makes it to the end of the world.
I see a door.
I creep inside to look around with my hands up high.
I see evil eyes.
They are blinking at me.
I say to myself, “Where am I?”
I’m lost in the room of devil eyes.

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