Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Alex Whitner and The Germ by Dinah Clottey

Opening the door, Alex walks into the empty room. The supposedly dangerous Germ that was here is nowhere to be seen. He squints deeper into the distance trying to make out the slightest of movements, but with no avail does he see anything.
Then suddenly, from the corner of his eye, he sees a slight but noticeable movement. Before he can turn around, something jumps on his back and sends him on the ground, face first. The Germ Killer that had been in his hand flies from his grip and rolls across the floor.
Whatever had decided to jump him was large and strong. Alex knew it had to be The Germ. Twisting and squirming around, Alex is able to turn himself face to face with The Germ. It was a green, slimy looking thing with see through gooey insides. It’s eyes were holes and it’s mouth was two slimy strings of something that kind of looked like cheese. And get this, it had arms. Arms! When Alex had signed up for this he did not expect to be battling a bacteria that was bigger than him and had arms!
Bringing his legs back, Alex uses all his momentum to kick The Germ off of him. Once he’s freed he quickly turns over and starts crawling towards The Germ Killer spray. Before he can reach it something grabs his leg, sending him back a few inches. Alex grips as tight to the floor as he can, trying to be as heavy as humanly possible as he claws his way to the can.
Alex finds a steel pole connected to the wall nearby (which was kind of lucky considering the fact that the odds of that happening were pretty low) and grabs hold of it, turning himself sideways. He now laid elevated a couple inches from the ground, his fingers gradually slipping as he tried to grip on tighter. The Germ inches closer until his head is level with Alex’s, meanwhile Alex is tries to stretch his fingers to grab hold of The Germ Killer. The Germ opens its mouth. A black hole with a stringy, boogery substance fills the inside of it’s mouth and has Alex trying to stretch further. He knew what The Germ was going to do. The Germ was going to cough all over him and give him the cooties. He was going to make Alex sick! And Alex has never been sick. With a sudden drive coursing through Alex’s veins, he takes one final lunge towards The Germ Killer and holds it in his hands. The Germ breathes in, and Alex sends a long stream of spray right into it’s mouth. The Germ jerks back, letting go of Alex, and topples to the floor, coughing. Alex sits up and moves in closer. He sprays again, and again, and again. The Germ stops squirming as the can continues to empty, until it’s completely still.
He’d done it. Alex Whitner killed The Germ.
Now Uranus can finally rest in peace.

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