Friday, March 17, 2017

Pictures Painting Photographs by LiSean McElrath

Pictures Paintings Photographs
The ability to take minutes, seconds, milliseconds
I am a king, lord ruler, a mastermind of time
Any moment in life i see fit
I can capture, imprison, tame.
I fear not time because within my hands is the ability to control it
Rewind it
Pause it
I haven't yet mastered the ability of knowing what will happened next but I'm getting close
I am a wizard
Slowly prodding and tearing down the beast of time with every snapshot
Every picture
Every moment that i capture
Is another moment i am able to rip away from the beast
I don't have to fear time
Because everyday of my life I'm owning it
The only thing that scares me is how much of it i actually have
You see I don't just capture time
I capture beauty
Towering beautiful natural Mountain sides
Lights in shades not even worthy of man's naming because none of the names would honor them to any capacity
My fear of time
Even after all the battling and stealing from it
My fear of time stems from us
From fear of not being able to take enough picture
Capture enough moments
Fear of what will happen next
Who's to say that the smile radiating from your being
The happiness in your eyes
Or the butterflies in your stomach
Won't fly away the second we finish taking this photo
Who's to say my magic
My work
My sorcerery will ever do you the justice you deserve
Who's to say this moment i capture will not be our last and then i look down
Not just look
I stare
I study and reflect
On just how beautiful you are
Then i lose all fear
I become that all powerful wizard once more
Because I know that no matter what happens next
Time can not take away these moments I've already captured
It can't have back any of its
Stolen moments

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