Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Special thanks to the students of Ms. Kledzik's Drama classes for sharing their dramatic monologues with us this month!! Students were required to write an original monologue where they created an original character and setting.



by Jasmine Astorga

The big ol’ “C” word that not a lot of people think of. Cancer. The Beast. Evil. Not even I would think about this. I hear it on television or the radio. Never would I think I would encounter The Beast. But on May 20, 2015 my whole life changed. My mom got a call, she didn’t say anything besides “I’ll be there.” She left for hours. I didn’t know what was happening. Finally she came back from what seemed like forever. She told us to sit on the couch because there was something that she needed to say to all of us. I was clueless, but my heart felt like it was going to jump out my chest. She looked at me, her eyes filled with so much despair. She slowly told me I was sick. I just looked at her. I didn’t say anything. I was numb to what she said to me. I lost all feeling. No tears. No anger. Nothing. The very next day I started my first round of chemotherapy. I didn’t have time to process what was happening. I was still feeling numb. Empty. Nothing hit me until I was losing my hair. Piece by piece it fell. When it was completely gone, I looked at myself and felt this heaviness in my chest. I avoided all mirrors because I was afraid of looking at how truly sick I was and how I was slowly deteriorating from the world. I have cancer. But I will not fear it. I will hold my ground as I say this right here, right now that I will be damned if I let this consume me. With every inch of my body I will fight until I can't fight it anymore. I will beat this and I will live.


By Aileen Ponce

Have you ever walked by a fence and heard a feisty small dog bark it’s lungs out, believing it's a big scary dog?...well…

That’s exactly what most people portray in high school. Hi I'm Rebecca Fisher…… just trying to piece together the best high school experience which includes having enemies you didn't even know existed. Because I'm sure that that's what any teenage girl would dream of….Oh yeah,  did I mention it even comes with the wonderful rumors that makes people hate you even more. It’s the sweet smell of denial and hatred coming straight from what I would call dog crap. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the little dogs who bark the loudest.  It’s the stereotypes that nobody warns you about that come to life. It’s survival of the fittest out here . It’s competition and envy that boils in every person who hates you. It’s sorting out people who think they are arrogant and fit the ...finger quotation popular criteria.  Then there's me, oh poor innocent me. I stand in realization that ignorance is not bliss.  It’s the fact that people don't realize we're all equal and blind to crucial judgements. I'm guessing I fit the downgraded high school girl innocent looking enough to pass the I'm helpless line. I don't believe the world owes me anything, in fact I wish it did. When I entered high school,it came with a pamphlet stating in bold letters. Ahhhh yes, fresh meat, you’ve just completed 8th grade be prepared for real life smack dab in your face. Now there's good parts to school like the teachers, best friends and the wonderful sports you can get involved in.  Personally,  I’ve come to the conclusion high school is very similar to hell, only in the winter time lol……  It's nice and toasty during those cold winter days. Since high school is similar to hell, I might as well make myself feel at home. Ya know take a load off and bring a hot chocolate from Dunkin' Donuts and kick my off shoes.  I would have no more stress because the same thing gets old. I'll just sit back and laugh at the mockery people will make out of themselves, but whatever makes them sleep at night...yup...laughs this is high school from Rebecca’s point of view...

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