Monday, December 4, 2017

Student Spotlight: Nathaly Mora, Senior

Ode to Art

You are the love of my life.
The way one can express themselves, without words.
Everyone acknowledge every inch of your beauty.
When I touch you, you are smooth yet hard.
And when the brush touches you, you get chills of how good it feels.
Every single color that brings you to life, as you are the illusion of another person.
You are in open book, in which everyone can read you by just looking at you.
You are the mixture of happiness, sadness, madness, lust, love and way more.
You come in different shapes in sizes, all so different but yet unique in its own way.
You hear the people whispering while they stare at you, but don’t show affection.
You stare back at all of us without truly caring of how you look, you give us the silent treatment and you are so good at it.
But little do you know how many compliments you are getting from this people.
You make all skin tones come together just to acknowledge you and talk about you.
But little do you know you have just inspired a kid to be like your creator.
That you were so unique to her, that she want to create something as delicate as you.
And art itself has gain a very important spot in her heart.

How Love Feels

Hurtful, beautiful
Harmless, intense, stalking
The thing everyone wants

More Than Just A Grandmother

You were more than a grandmother, you were a mother too me.
Your beautiful curly hair that filled me of life by just seeing it while the air slowly grasp it.
You showed me how to be a strong person yet so caring at the same time.
‘Oh ama’, you left me without saying goodbye, nor a kiss or a hug.
You were always a very independent woman, with a lot to say and a lot in mind.
Your life lessons gave me a reason to be grateful for what I have in my life.
You were the reason of why I'm a proud granddaughter, you were a blessing.
‘Oh ama’ you will always be the light to my dark thoughts of what I could of done to myself.
Your struggles that you went through as poor girl at my age are the reasons of why I keep studying.
You always said you wished you could of finished school, but that life was cruel and didn't let you finish it.
You are the reason of why I have such a hard working father, that pushes me to be someone in life.

‘Oh ama’, I'm truly grateful for everything you have done to make my life as great as it is right now, and we'll be when I'm in older independent women.

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