Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Student Spotlight: Brianna Ramirez, Senior

Ode to Fall

Oh! Fall season all I love to welcome you hear.
You sweet and savory smells take my breath away.
Oh please bright fall colors, invade my clothing closet,
I wish to be cloaked by you and embody the season.

Those who love summer,
Have never basked in your true glory,
Oh Fall feeling take me back to my home.

Oh fall season,
You remind me of my past.
When goodbyes weren’t forever,
And broken hearts never last.

Oh Fall feeling how I love you so,
You uplift me at the least.
I wish to have you the time,
and engage in a fall feast!

Lonely Shadows

Hidden, mysterious.
Screaming, singing , dieing.
Entangled in your intentions,
Midnight shadows.

Autumn leaves

(A picture of me and the Bengston pumpkin patch)

A childhood memory so happily kept,
Small and located in the middle of nowhere.
Where nothing is truly scary, but is held to high standards.
Where I am the happiest I've ever been.
Now populated by everyone,
I no longer wish to visit.

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