Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Writer's Spotlight: Brianna Smith


Brianna Smith is a senior and a member of the Literary Magazine.  The following is from her Portfolio for Ms. Sarina Kledzik's Creative Writing Class.  Brianna has written four types of poems:  a narrative, a sonnet, a tanka, and an ode.  Thank you to both Brianna and Ms. K!

The Newly Broken
The small forest of trees cast

dark shadows on the brick

house, settled at the top of

a hill. I walk out, the cool air
brushing my sinfully dry cheek,
crickets sounding as I step on the porch.
I stand, bangs and short
choppy hair framing my face.
I have no tears, no trembling,
just dread that tugs on my
heart. I was numb at this point.
I was plucked out of school
during science, hearing my
name and freezing because
I knew. I knew it had happened
as I rushed up, lanyard aggressively
tugging on my neck as I
went. With a glance at my
mother I knew.
Standing on the porch, I see
my car. I had rushed in and
waited. Waiting. After an
hour or so, the door opens.
The date and time is announced.
It smelled of… something.
Of cells breaking down.
Of a painful grip.
A last breath.
I did not cry.
My cousins and their parents
came out, telling me it is time
to go. I walk the same
pavement as the hearse. I
leave, and I never return
welcomed again as my
Grandpa drinks his gin.

To be in love is not like others defined
You don’t simply fall into it and live happily
It is a complex piece of artwork that is all intertwined
Although sometimes it can unfold and be quite silly
It can be a fire breathing dragon with deep red eyes
Or cool and turn warm, wrapping around us
This love can lead us to failure and demise
Leaving me fallen like I've been hit by a bus
But it can be completely pure and sweet
First glances and secret kisses
Feelings making me giggle and curl the toes on my feet
Swinging hands as we walk over bridges
Love is a dragon, a fierce, intimidating thing
But once it is conquered you show it proudly like a beloved ring

Rattles and small toes
Teeth coming in like mountains
Wide eyes- bright smiles
Chubby cheeks and tiny curls
No cares in the world

Ode to New York
O New York, your bright and shining lights
Glistening blindingly, but only seen in photographs or online
But despite the barrier between us
I always feel hope from them

O New York, seen by young foolish eyes
Taking lust for love and love for granted
Seeing something that was once pure turning agonizingly stale
But the experience keeps me soaring

O New York, to dream of touching your buildings
Speaking in your tongue
Finding the other half of my heart
It keeps me dreaming
It keeps me believing

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