Monday, May 15, 2017



by Adolpho Castaneda

I will never forget the first day we started communicating with each other.
I remember:
I got that first message from you saying “Hey how's it going?”
I never knew that message meant something to me.
I was depressed around that time because
I had nobody to talk to.
I wasn't social with everyone.

But because you messaged me that first day, 
you changed my life forever. 

We started off as friends, then we became best friends after.
Three years being best friends with this person was a learning experience.

I realize now what kind of a person she is.

You've made up lies, you made me not trust you anymore, you stabbed me in the back so many times I'm surprised I'm still standing.

You changed.

This person is dead to me.

I hope she has a nice life.

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