Tuesday, May 16, 2017


El Imigrante

Alex Romo

Struggling people wishing to cross for a better life in search for some aid
Hiring a coyote to smuggle them in their car
Their family wishing they had stayed
They sit there cramped and uncomfortable for who knows how long or how far

I look and see a young boy with his father
He says I left my beloved state of Guanajuato
Mi hijo will be going to live with his grandfather
Because I haven't had a job ya desde hace un rato

But many Americans are afraid of them and groups that are ethnic
They elected that joke saying he'll build a wall
Afraid we’re stealing jobs, afraid of what we can become because of our work ethic
Little do they know that stopping us from coming will be the downfall of the US and us all

We risk our lives to get here and we're here to stay
No matter how much they complain for us to go away

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