Friday, May 19, 2017

WRITER'S SPOTLIGHT: Britany Robinson


by Britany Robinson

July morning sun
Gravel crunches under my car’s tire
The sun creates a glare on my window

This was my first rock concert
I was excited beyond compare
With my friend by my side

Small bands walking the line
Trying to sell CD’s and T-Shirts
Everything seemed so new and wonderful

I left my car
And got in line
The heat makes my temperature rise

I decide I needed water
As soon as I take out my money
I heard footsteps coming up behind me

A band asked me to buy a CD
So they could keep making music
I felt I couldn’t say no

Then band after band came
By the time the event began
I was out of money

So my mom had to bring me more

Unintended Target (Slam Poem)

by Britany Robinson

Her name was Takiya.
She was eleven years-old .
She was not the intended target.
But what does that change?
She will never grow up
She will never fulfill her dreams
And she cannot be brought back

That girl could have been president
That girl could have cured cancer
That girl could have changed the world

But now she’s gone

All because she was not the intended target

So what did he intend to do?

Did he intend to destroy a family?
Did he intend to ruin lives?
Did he intend to shoot her father or brother?

If he did Takiya would be here
But she would still be dead

They say no pain no gain
But what if the pain you cause is greater than what you receive?

What did he gain?

Yet I know all my questions will go unanswered
Because violence spreads like a cancer
It moves through society in clusters and infects
Hundreds and thousands and millions
Until it destroys a nation

So I ask you this:
When did the light turn into darkness?
What happened to the light that gave us hope?
Why is the night now a time for violence?
When will we stop sitting in silence?
Why is the world filled with so much sorrow?
Will we ever see a better tomorrow?

Because tomorrow looks a lot like yesterday
Filled with pain and stained
By the blood of a country in chains.

Strictly Business

by Britany Robinson

Did you think arranged marriages still happened in 21st century America? Because I sure didn’t. 

I just found out that I will be marrying the oh so charming billionaire, Damon Pierce. Never in a million years did I think something like this would ever happen to me. 

Before I get too far ahead of myself, let me introduce myself. My name is Stephanie Blake and this is the story of my unnatural life.

I woke up, looked outside my bedroom window, and took note of the beautiful, sunny, and cloudless sky. 

“Perfect weather for a perfect day,” I muttered sarcastically to myself. 

Today was the day I will meet The Devil himself: Damon Pierce. I think I prefer my little nickname for him better than his real name, it’s a more accurate indication of his personality. I let out an audible sigh at the thought. I know it may seem like I’m being unfair to judge him so quickly but seriously what do you expect from me?  My father and Damon Pierce have ruined my life as I know it. I never wanted to be forced into a relationship of any kind. Why should I suffer for my father’s mistakes? He’s the one who gambled all his money away and now I’m paying the price. Apparently since Dad didn’t have the money he owed the devil, they concluded that offering my hand in marriage without my consent was the only tolerable option. I’m 19 years old for crying out loud I should be able to make my own decisions. 

The Devil has no use for me anyway: I’m a very simple looking girl with a simple life. I have long sandy brown hair with dull, green eyes and I’m 5’3. I’m not like those models he’s used to having with blonde hair, blue eyes, and long legs. There is absolutely nothing special about me.

I decide to wear a royal blue cocktail dress with gold embroidery around the edges and gold flats. I am too lazy and didn’t care enough to do an up do so I decided to leave my hair down and curl it and used minimal makeup. The only reason I dressed up at all is because my dad promised to let me pick the wedding venue if I did. If I’m going to have to get married, I at least want to choose where. 

We walk into some fancy French restaurant and got seated. As I peek over the top of my menu I see a tall man with medium length, raven black hair, electric blue eyes, and he is wearing a very well-tailored suit. I, of course, know exactly who he is but although he is attractive, my feelings towards him have not changed. He saw my reaction towards his presence and gave me smug looking smirk. I scoffed in annoyance at his ego and turned back to my menu. 

“So, Mr. Pierce, how are you tonight?” my mother said nervously. 

He flatly replied, “No need for small talk Mrs. Blake, I am here to collect what is mine and that is all. This meeting is strictly business.” 

How dare he refer to me as if I am his property? 

“Excuse me Mr. Pierce,” I replied in a venomous tone, “but I am not your property and I will not let you treat me as if I am.” 

My father whispered lowly to him about something I could not quite make out.

 “Well my beloved fiancé, you will be shocked to know that your father signed a binding contract and you are legally bound to me until I can no longer stand to see your pathetic face every day,” his tone made it clear he was mocking me. 

That comment made me do a double take. After a few seconds of silence, I gained the confidence to reply, “If I’m so pathetic to you then why in the world are you forcing me into this marriage?” 

He seemed a bit stunned that I had the nerve to talk to him in that matter but that did not concern me at this point. His reply was quite short but it took me by surprise, “Business is business. Now we are leaving, I assume your bags are packed and you are prepared to move into my mansion. The wedding is in two days so we will spend all of tomorrow finalizing preparations.” 

I almost choked on my food, no one told me this wedding would be so soon.

It’s now morning and I am not looking forward to all the wedding preparations I’m being made to take care of all alone. The Devil told me that he is too busy to bother with these details. I suppose there is some good in the fact that I get to choose how I want the wedding to be without him trying to change my ideas. While I spent the day listening to event planners drone on and on about the decorations and such, I focused on trying to find a way out of this. Unfortunately for me, there doesn’t seem to be any loopholes in the contract. I’m trying to find some sort of comfort in the situation but it’s very difficult. I will never get the chance to fall in love or be an independent woman. The contract states that I will not be able to work after the wedding, I am to be a perfect, quiet wife in public but at home I am to act as though I do not even know Damon, and I cannot have any type of contact with another man who is not family or I will be fined $500,000. At least not having to spend time with Damon inside the house is one thing I can look forward too. All this wedding nonsense is making my head spin.

Once the wedding planners finally leave and I can have a minute of peace, I get myself ready for bed. I step in my bathroom and take a very scrutinizing look at myself in the mirror. My eyes look dull as if someone reached in snuffed out the light. Why did fate decide that I was deserving of this cruel and unusual punishment? Ugh, I don’t know how much longer I can put up with this. I never thought I’d say this but I can’t wait until morning so we can get this wedding done with. Nothing will be the same in my life again and after tomorrow I will be able to figure out a way to live with that fact. Nothing about any of this feels right but it’s not something I have control over. There is no point in continuing this pity party so I may as well go to bed.

In the morning, I immediately got up to get ready. My mother comes over to help me get ready but I’m not as happy to see her as she is to see me. Can you blame me? She let my father sell my soul.

“Hello mother,” I snapped.

“Don’t you snap at me I’m your mother, have some respect,” she replied in a tone that can only be described as shocked.

“I do not have respect for those who don’t respect me,” I said.

“What did you expect me to do? He would have thrown your father in jail if this arrangement wasn’t made?” she whimpered.

“So instead you decide to ruin my life because Dad messed up?”

“I won’t discuss this anymore. Stop whining and lets get you ready.”

Before walking onto the aisle, I take one last peek at myself in the mirror. My hair is an array of flowy curls with a large braid around the crown of my head keeping them all in place; the makeup I have on is a bit overdone for my taste but I suppose it makes sense for the event; and my dress is a princess style chiffon with a sweetheart neckline and rhinestones scattered around the skirt. I swallow my nerves, step onto the sparkling white aisle runner, and plaster a smile on my face. 

Damon is staring at me with surprise but quickly masks it with an arrogant smirk when he notices I was watching him. We proceed with the ceremony and the reception then eventually we get into a limo to go home. I sit as far away from him as physically possible. After a few minutes of uncomfortable silence, Damon turns to me and says, “When we get home you go inside and don’t think about going out anywhere. I won’t be home until tomorrow so don’t wait up.” 

I cocked my head to the side in confusion and asked, “Not that I care but where are you going?” 

“I have a date,” he smirked. This angered me to a point where I thought my head would explode. 

“So you can date but I can’t? How is that fair in any sense?” I basically screeched. 

“This relationship is strictly business sweetheart. You are to be a perfect wife and make me look good to the press. We can’t have you running the streets now can we?” he replied in an amused tone. 

This is all just fabulous. I’m going to be stuck living with a cheating, lying, heartless husband for the rest of my life. One day I will find a way out of this, I don’t know how but I swear I’ll do it. No one deserves to be treated this way and he’s crazy if he thinks I’ll stand for it. Let’s test these rules of his. If he can go on a date then so can I. I pull out my cellphone and call my ex-boyfriend, Tyler. We ended on good terms and I know he still has feelings for me so I figure he’s a good candidate for this date.

“Steph? Is that you?” he answered.

“Hey Ty, yes it’s me,” I replied trying to sound happy.

“It’s great to hear from you! How are you?” Tyler said.

“I’m good, are you busy right now?” I said almost too quickly.

“Umm no, why?”

“Well would you want to go out for old times sake? I’ve missed hanging out with you.”

“Of course! I’ll come pick you up from your house in an hour and we can find something to do.”

“Sound perfect, I’ll text you my new address and see you when you get here.”

After hanging up I couldn’t keep the smug smile off my face. I’ll show him what happens when you try to control me. Damon Pierce has no idea who he’s messing with but he’s about to find out.

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