Thursday, May 18, 2017



by Andrea Aguirre

So many expectations put amongst me
You wanted me to be a perfect girl
Never asked me what I wanted to be
My life went in circles like in a whirl

You said I’d get pregnant at the age of sixteen
A family stereotype that I never understood
Look at me now, just another teen
And all I ever wanted was to be good

You expected me to not be like the other ladies
Your excuse was because you didn’t want me to be hurt
You didn’t realize these aren’t the eighties
And everything I’d do would be curt

For years I tried to be what you wanted
I’d stay home instead of partying
But you took all my effort for granted
All that time I just felt like I was dying

Basketball was the sport I loved
And I changed it to soccer to make you proud
I chose to get shoved
To simply continue to feel lost in the crowd

I chose family over friends
Don’t get me wrong I love my family
It’s just a story that never ends
This might just be another case of insanity

All I want is to be the perfect daughter
As hard as that is to be
For years you’ve been my father
Cause all you’ve done is take care of me

You’re more than just a father you’re my best friend
You’re the reason this poem came to be
But it all just hit me.. I’m a “disappointment”
A disappointment to you.. Not me...

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