Friday, May 12, 2017



by Jessica Corona 

​I saw this beautiful but fragile girl. You can see the sweetness in her eyes. The one who broke this beautiful girl’s heart is out her life now. I would hear the cruel words this evil person would say to her.

“You're worthless.”
"You ruined everything.”

I couldn't believe what I would hear. How can a human being talk and treat another person with such hate. Thank God that person is out her life now. Its up to me to make her happy now.

Her name is Aaliah and the first time I laid eyes on her she was in tears. I comforted her so she wouldn't feel alone. She instantly stopped crying and that's when I knew she was mine forever.
As time went by I got an apartment for us but yet I was scared to love her because all she knew was hate. We would do everything together. Aaliah loved spending time with me. Well, I hope she did. She didn't really have a choice. She had no one else but me and her life.

As years went by our relationship grew stronger. We would laugh and talk about everything for hours. Especially about animals. Aaliah had a thing for them. I didn't know much about them but I was happy to learn from her because she new a lot about them. She loved learning new things. I  don't understand why I hated it, but I would listen because I loved this girl more then anything in the world.

I loved her so much I would give her the world if I could but I can't.

I'm not the richest person in the world. They way I make my money is not legal. I hate bringing that home to Aaliah because I don't want her endanger. She's all I got and I'm not losing her. Yet one day I almost did.

We were walking together down the street on a hot summer day and I hear gun shots. I turned and grabbed Aliah. I had her in my arms so she wouldn't get hurt. The shooting stopped and I looked up and see her in tears. I know she's scared but I'm just glad she's okay. Police and ambulance showed up at the scene but all I remember was the police taking her away. After that day nothing was the same.

More years went by and I thought we had it good but I can still see pain in her eyes. I would hear her cry at night. It breaks my heart. I would wonder if I’m doing something wrong that she is going to look at me as a disappointment. I started to believe that when I saw her cry. I asked her what's wrong as I sat beside her but she just sits in silence. She does this every night since the shooting happened. I don't even bother asking what's wrong anymore because all she does is just ignores me. It breaks my heart seeing her in pain when i know I caused it.

She moved out of our apartment and headed off to college. She didn't say a word when she left. 
It hurts me seeing her go but I'm glad she saw she's worth more than the life we had. I may be alone but I'm happy she's free. Free from the life I had for her. I want her to have a better life then I did. She is a beautiful, smart girl and she deserves everything.
Years went by and I never received a call or letter from her. My love for her was still strong. She was still my world. I still go see her sometimes to see if she's okay, but I stay my distance. She has a boyfriend. I hate the idea of it but she need to move forwards and live her life. I hope he treats her right and with respect. I want her happy and to succeed in life, but still every time I see her I can see the pain in her eyes. This pain in her eyes is as if she will never be happy again and it's all my fault. I still don't know how I made her like this. The last thing I wanted was her to be hurt and make her sad.

She finally finished college. Aaliah was number one in her class. I was so proud of her. As she goes up and gives her speech she says, “ People come and go and sometimes everyone you think will be there for you won't be. Others show support and others give negativity. That's why you have to achieve your goals and prove these people wrong, and that's exactly what I did. My mother was cruel to me and my father and she left my life and it might be the best thing that ever happened to me because all she gave me was hate. But you can also lose the people you love . My father was shot right in front of me and lost his life.”

She paused and looks up with tears in her eyes. I couldn't believe what I heard.

Aaliah looks up and whispers, “Thanks dad for believing in me.”

I stood still not knowing what was going on. Why I was still here by her side without her knowing. For some time now I thought she hated me for putting her in that situation but all along she was mad and in pain for losing her only parent. Her mother broke her heart as a little girl. She left her alone. I couldn't never think of leaving the one thing that means the world to me but I did. I got involved in bad things to giver her a better life but at the end I just made it miserable. My little girl was going on in life without her father and it's all my fault.

Time goes by and I'm still here. I feel like God is rewarding me for still letting me on this earth
with my daughter. Even though I have no way of communication, I feel like her guardian angel.

But I know God doesn't work that way and I’m here for a reason. I have to find out why.

Aaliah is moving in with her boyfriend and they have gotten pretty serious. He seems to make her happy.

That's all I want for her. She starter her new job as a veterinary physician. Like I said, she loved animal. Seeing her save animals lives made me so proud of her. It sucks I can't tell her that every day. I wish I can just say a few words to her. Just let her know she's doing amazing .

I'm still wondering why I'm still here but yesterday I found out why.

Aaliah was going home from work when I saw a someone standing outside her house. I couldn't see their face it was dark out so I followed Aaliah to protect her even though I couldn't really because I was dead. As the person turned around and I got to see her face I was filled with anger.

It was Erica, Aaliah’s mother.

Aaliah didn't recognize her because Erica left her at a little age. Aaliah asked who she was and why she outside her house and Erica just blurted out, “I'm your mother.” 

Hearing that made me furious because no mother I know treats there child like they’re. Nothing no mother I know takes her daughter to school and is 20 years late to pick her up. I'm in tears of how mad I am and of how disappointed I am at myself that I’m not there to help my little girl out.

Aaliah is silent with tears coming down her cheek.
Erica tells her, “ I'm sorry I left but I am here to make things right. I thought about coming back when I heard your father died but I had stuff to deal with.” Hearing those lies coming out of her mouth made me furious. I didn't know what to do. I was useless. I kept yelling just to see if Aaliah can listen even. Now I know she couldn't. My daughter-- so sweet and forgiving was going to let this poisoned person in her life.

I almost lost hope as I said my last words, “You don't need her to achieve your goals.”

Aalsah turned around and looked right in my eyes and said, “Thanks, Dad.”

She looked back at Erica and said, “I didn't need you then. I don't need you now. All Ii had was my father and he raised me right. Because of him I have the life I have, so I don't need you so go.”

I stood there with a smile on my face knowing that someway, somehow Aaliah heard me. I knew why I was still here. I had to remind my daughter that the negative people that were in her life didn't get to see her achieve in life. That day was my last day on earth. I still watch over my beautiful daughter every day. Like I said, I'm her guardian angel.

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